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Kat E. Erikson, an author of three books for children, is a lifelong student of spiritual teachings as a means of raising kindness to greater heights. And she knows firsthand the power of connection with the world beyond the one we can see.

While praying one day, Kat had the surprising yet unmistakable experience of being embraced by an angel—the most profound encounter of her life. Since then, she’s been inspired to help uplift the heart of humanity, one story at a time.

Kat published her first book, Pet-Friendly Francie, during the 100th Anniversary of American Humane’s Be Kind To Animals Week. Followed by Dizzy Lizzie in May of 2020 in celebration of Mother’s Day and National Pet Month. A California native and UCLA grad, Kat is also a vegan and graduate of the Resonance Science Academy’s Unifying Science Course, which helps explain the sacred connection we humans share with ourself, each other, our animal friends, Mother Nature, and the Universe at large.

Kat’s excited to announce that she’s completed another picture book – Kitty Counts Her Blessings – that will be published in the fall of 2021.

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