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8 Nov 2021
Five Happy Stars

With thanks to Emily for her kind words, I'm pleased to share that Kitty Counts Her Blessings has received a five-star editorial review from Readers'

3 Oct 2021
Kitty Gold Star of Achie

I'm happy to report that Kitty Counts Her Blessings, released October 1st, has received its first editorial review and the Gold Star of Achievement f

30 Jul 2021
Kitty Countdown

I'm excited to announce that my new picture book, Kitty Counts Her Blessings, will be published later this year. A charming tale about the power of g

6 Feb 2021
First Shelter Dog ~Major

Dogs everywhere are wagging their tails for Major is in the House! At long last, we have a dog rescued from a shelter living in the White House. Brav

29 Aug 2020
New Coloring Book Gift

Hey all you animal lovers, I'd love to gift you the hot-off-the-press new Dizzy Lizzie Coloring Book for FREE. Simply join Kat's Kindness Club at

3 Jun 2020
#1 New Release, Woot!

Dizzy Lizzie has risen to #1 New Release in both the Children's Cat Book and Children's Adoption Book categories numerous times since its May 15 rele

30 Apr 2020
Wildlife Rescue Guide

I've rescued many critters over my life, so I am excited to share DIY Garden's Wildlife Rescue Guide that proved most helpful to me. I highly recomme

22 Apr 2020
Happy 50th Earth Day

The Himalayan Mountains are visible from India for the first time in 30 years. Curious dolphins swim in Venice, Italy canals. Stags strut along the C

23 Nov 2019
Dizzy Lizzie Sneak Peek

I'm so excited to share the cover design for my upcoming picture book, Dizzy Lizzie. Like Lizzie, I'm bowled over with happiness. Thanks to the super

14 Aug 2019
Rescue Dog Show Rave

While channel surfing one day, I was lucky enough to hit upon Hallmark Channel's Second Annual Rescue Dog Show. Talk about a Scooby Snack treat! Whi