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3 Feb 2017
Tell the World Animals M

World Animal Protection is leading a global movement calling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW). Over Two million people have a

22 Jan 2017
The Prince of Rhino Cons

Prince Harry declared today his determination to lead the charge to save the African Rhino. Goooo Harry, our Prince of Conservation! Harry announc

4 Jan 2017
Victory! China agrees to

The world is waking up! After the Obama Administration banned the ivory trade in the U.S. this year, now China is following in our footsteps! This is

2 Jan 2017
Happy Holidays & Ne

My new year's resolution? LORD, HELP ME TO BE THE PERSON MY DOGS THINK I AM.

16 Nov 2016
Primo: Our Number One Po

Last night, I had a dream about Primo. If you recall, Primo was my brother's first rescue dog who inspired Pet-Friendly Francie. In the dream, Pr

24 Aug 2016
Treasure Trail Today: OS

On my daily hike, which I've christened the TREASURE TRAIL - I spotted a flash of white at the top of a snag tree. Excited, I crept up the mountain to

27 Jul 2016
Butterfly Parade

While hiking today - I ran into what must be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Hundreds, if not, thousands of orange and black butterflies soared by me - li

6 Apr 2016
Kindle Ebook In Color!

WOOT WOOT! Francie & Scrimmy's adventures in Pet-Friendly Francie are now making a splash in color! As requested by kindly readers, I've updated t

6 Jan 2016
Holiday Spectacle

Meet the adorable Spectacled Owl. We did! Our very White Christmas was spent in Utah with my brother (the same brother who inspired Pet-Friendly Franc

13 Dec 2015
Dolphin & Beluga Bu

Scientists recently discovered that Dolphins and Belugas not only blow bubbles for fun - they use them to communicate with each other too. The playful