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27 Jul 2016
Butterfly Parade

While hiking today - I ran into what must be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Hundreds, if not, thousands of orange and black butterflies soared by me - li

6 Apr 2016
Kindle Ebook In Color!

WOOT WOOT! Francie & Scrimmy's adventures in Pet-Friendly Francie are now making a splash in color! As requested by kindly readers, I've updated t

6 Jan 2016
Holiday Spectacle

Meet the adorable Spectacled Owl. We did! Our very White Christmas was spent in Utah with my brother (the same brother who inspired Pet-Friendly Franc

13 Dec 2015
Dolphin & Beluga Bu

Scientists recently discovered that Dolphins and Belugas not only blow bubbles for fun - they use them to communicate with each other too. The playful

15 Nov 2015
Print Edition now Availa

Pet-Friendly Francie is now available in print on Amazon! By purchasing the paperback edition, the Kindle eBook is available for Free! Happy warmup to

26 Sep 2015
US, China Agree to Ban I

Yesterday, President Obama and China's President Xi Jinping agreed to a ban on ivory trading!!! This is fantastic news for our elephant friends, who f

15 Aug 2015
Francie Scores #1 in Fre

Francie rose to #13 in the paid Kindle store, and stayed in the top 100 for the last three weeks in July in the Children's ebook/dogs category. Yester

12 Aug 2015
Pet-Friendly Francie FRE

In honor of World Elephant Day, and Middle Child Day (I'm a Middle Child myself) Pet-Friendly Francie will be FREE on August 13 &14th! Pet-Friendly Fr

12 Aug 2015
#GoGrey for World Elepha

This World Elephant Day, August 12, people around the globe are uniting to protect & celebrate elephants! They need our help. Increasing demand for iv

1 Aug 2015
UPROAR over Cecil the Li

This beautiful, gentle lion - one of the oldest and most famous lions in Zimbabwe - was illegally murdered by an american trophy hunter. Since Lions,