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15 Aug 2015
Francie Scores #1 in Fre

Francie rose to #13 in the paid Kindle store, and stayed in the top 100 for the last three weeks in July in the Children's ebook/dogs category. Yester

8 May 2015
Pet-Friendly Francie FRE

Pet-Friendly Francie just went LIVE on Amazon & Hit #3 in the Kindle store "Friendship" children's category! Purrfectly timed with Be Kind to Ani

5 May 2015
Be Kind to Animals Week

May 3-9 is American Humane Association's Be Kind to Animals Week, perfectly timed with Mother's Day! Join the historic event that's been celebrated si

17 Apr 2015
Bedtime Reading

As you can see, one of my cats took a catnap while reading last night. Thought you'd get a kick out of her worldly tastes. More cat stories t

3 Nov 2011
Black Swan: Just ‘

Did you know: If you lived in the 17th century, a black swan would fall in the same category as a dragon or a fairy?  Who knew? (I had no clue until