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6 Feb 2021
First Shelter Dog ~Major

Dogs everywhere are wagging their tails for Major is in the House! At long last, we have a dog rescued from a shelter living in the White House. Bravo to Ashley Biden, who urged her folks to adopt. A

5 Dec 2020
Lizzie’s Mama Cat

A few of you dear, caring readers have expressed concern over the fate of Lizzie's mother in Dizzy Lizzie. And rightly so. So here's the scoop. My friend Amy, aka The Bottle Woman in Dizzy Lizzie,

29 Aug 2020
New Coloring Book Gift

Hey all you animal lovers, I'd love to gift you the hot-off-the-press new Dizzy Lizzie Coloring Book for FREE. Simply join Kat's Furry Friend Club at the bottom of my homepage, and I'll email you

3 Jun 2020
#1 New Release, Woot!

Dizzy Lizzie has risen to #1 New Release in both the Children's Cat Book and Children's Adoption Book categories numerous times since its May 15 release. Thank you for your heartwarming support and l

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