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20 May 2018
“Timeless, Enlightening Gem” – Dizzy Lizzy

I'm excited to announce that my new children's picture book, "Dizzy Lizzy Finds her Way" will be released later this year. I've retained an amazing illustrator and received my first review from Reade

28 Feb 2018
Utah Unites for Shelter Dogs & Cats

As you may know, my brother Steve, who inspired Pet-Friendly Francie, lived in Utah. He was also a big supporter of Best Friends Animal Society. And thanks to Best Friends Utah, animal lovers along wi

31 Oct 2017
California to the Pet Rescue!

California has become the first state to require all pet stores that sell dogs, cats and rabbits to offer only adoptable pets from shelters and nonprofit rescue groups! No more breeders or puppy mills

13 Aug 2017
Borneo’s Baby-Faced Pygmy Elephants

Walt Disney himself likely found inspiration for Dumbo in the "half-pint' sized Pygmy Elephants of Borneo. Baby-faced with oversized ears, plump bellies and tails so long they can drag on the ground,

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