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-EMAIL your answers to the 10 questions below with [email protected] with QUIZ in the subject line.
-You’ll be entered to win one of the prizes below and help Best Friends Animal Society or PAWS Elephant Sanctuary.
-Adults can enter too; Francie fits animal lovers of all sizes!

Don’t forget to include which prize you’d like best. One prize per winner.

  • Best Friends Plush Dog
  • Best Friends Save Them All T-shirt
  • PAWS Pillow




  • Which wild animal are all dogs related to?
  • Name one of the San Francisco pro sports teams that Francie’s rescue dog Scrimmy plays with?
  • What type of animal does Francie’s mom help at PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) in California, and also at the orphanage in Africa?
  • What’s the name of the baseball song Scrimmy, Francie and her teacher, dad and third grade class all sing together?
  • During their Christmas Eve tour, Francie, her dad and Scrimmy visit the San Francisco SPCA Macy’s Holiday Windows with adoptable puppies and kittens. What does SPCA stand for?

“Society for the Prevention of ____________ to Animals.” (Fill in the blank)

  • Does Scrimmy bark?
  • What World Animal Protection lesson does Ms. Stiles share with the class in Chapter Eight. “The Nose __________.”
  • What does Francie call her bracelet and tag that matches Scrimmy’s collar and tag?
  • Ms. Stiles rescued her cat from which animal welfare organization? “Best ___________ Animal Society.” (Fill in the blank)
  • Why does Francie’s Mom use the signature, L Y F E ?



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