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13 Aug 2017
Borneo’s Baby-Face

Walt Disney himself likely found inspiration for Dumbo in the "half-pint' sized Pygmy Elephants of Borneo. Baby-faced with oversized ears, plump belli

22 Jan 2017
The Prince of Rhino Cons

Prince Harry declared today his determination to lead the charge to save the African Rhino. Goooo Harry, our Prince of Conservation! Harry announc

6 Jan 2016
Holiday Spectacle

Meet the adorable Spectacled Owl. We did! Our very White Christmas was spent in Utah with my brother (the same brother who inspired Pet-Friendly Franc

9 Jul 2015
Animals are as “Wi

That's a fact. Over the years, I’ve made many amazing connections with the animal kingdom. So I was overjoyed to hear that scientists finally declar

7 Jun 2015
CA Bans Bullhooks &

Great new for Elephants! California is the first state to ban the use of bullhooks (scary, mean things). And Kudos to Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins for

8 May 2015
Pet-Friendly Francie FRE

Pet-Friendly Francie just went LIVE on Amazon & Hit #3 in the Kindle store "Friendship" children's category! Purrfectly timed with Be Kind to Ani

3 Nov 2011
Black Swan: Just ‘

Did you know: If you lived in the 17th century, a black swan would fall in the same category as a dragon or a fairy?  Who knew? (I had no clue until

23 Oct 2011

I am blessed to live on the edge of a forest, with creatures great and small. Not only do I find myself greeted on my hikes by a pair of kissing raven