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22 Apr 2020 0 Kat E. Erikson

The Himalayan Mountains are visible from India for the first time in 30 years. Curious dolphins swim in Venice, Italy canals. Stags strut along the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Camels frolick in the surf on Morrocan beaches. Kangaroos hop along Sydney’s main street. Fox families scamper through football fields, while wildlife reclaims Yosemite Valley in California.

Mother Earth is getting a much-needed reprieve from us. And perhaps we’re getting a long-overdue break too. Introverts and bookworms will certainly agree with me on that count!

Here’s some healthy and fun activities to do for our own healing, and the health of the planet, as we celebrate 50 years of Earth Day, everyday.

~Take a forest bath. A hike or bike ride in nature is about as healing as it gets. I take far, far more forest baths than bubble baths!

~ Foster, or better yet, adopt a pet. Check out Best Friends Animal Society for pointers. Did you know that animal shelters are the emptiest in decades, given how much fostering pets has risen due to the quarantine? Pets are overjoyed to have their families hiding out at home. And remember, there are many purebred rescues out there, so always #AdoptDon’tShop

~ Hunker-down with your wee ones to read a sampling of these 33 Great Children’s Books for Earth Day, chosen by teachers.

~Take advantage of the multitude of animal livestreams coming to you and the kiddies from aquariums, zoos and sanctuaries.

~Watch nature and eco documentaries on Discovery, Netflix, PBS, BBC and National Geographic channels. EarthxFilm, an international nonprofit environmental organization that showcases environmental films, is streaming shorts and films that raise awareness for dozens of environmental issues. The Game Changers is a power-packed film on Netflix and iTunes (one of the most-watched happily), which rolls into my last point.

~ Go plant-based for the Planet (and People and Animals too). Did you know eating dairy creates mucous (yuck)? I learned that from a scuba diver, since I couldn’t pop my ears during flights. He said, just ditch dairy and you’ll have no problem. He was right. I’m about 95% vegan but I’m going for the gold. There’s no more beneficial action we can for the health of the Earth and our own health, than to stop exploiting animals. In fact, an enormous added benefit? We won’t have to face any more pandemics once we evolve to a vegan lifestyle. And for covid19? Make sure to #ditchdairy if you hope to keep your lungs congestion-free.

There are many free vegan mentor programs out there to help make the transition fun and delicious. Also, take a read of two super books: Farm Sanctuary President Gene Bauer’s, Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food. And Jon Stewart’s wife, Tracey Stewart’s Do Unto Others: A friendly guide to how animals live and we can make their lives better.

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