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23 Oct 2011 0 Kat E. Erikson

Today I’m piggybacking on a beloved classic: All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten.

As we sink into a nook to read our Nook – or a couch to read our Kindle – or our bed to read a book, I’m convinced our own heroism rises up as we cheer the protagonist on their journey.

For example…in Story:

CONFLICT IS ESSENTIAL Well, that’s super for getting me to turn pages, but I myself yearn for harmony, not to mention, world peace.  So I wonder, could our life challenges be blessings in disguise?  We drool over conflict in story. Lack of conflict equals a swan dive right into the recycle bin. While in the real world we groan about any challenge and wish for peace.

Like story, challenges move us forward, allow us to evolve and learn what it takes to be a true hero, and true to ourselves while we’re at it. Challenges help us to discover our potential.  

SHOW VS TELL We writers hear this all the time, in spite of the fact we are telling a story. As in life, the power of heroes who lead by example gain our respect and keep us at the edge of our seats. Walking the talk is where it’s at. As Kahlil Gibran wrote, and I’m paraphrasing here; he said the only trait that made Jesus angry, was hypocrisy. Worthy of taking note.

CHARACTER ARC The vicarious thrill we feel as the hero takes us in hand? (Whether we are being shown what to do, or what not to do) Deep down, we know, if they can do it, overcome their own unique odds, then so can we.

A good story well told inspires us to be the hero of our own journey.

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